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What Our Customers Say


"Many thanks to you!  I just wanted to let you know how much
I appreciated what you did."


"I am very pleased with your work, professionalism and the personal
touch with integrity, which is great to see with a company today. 
My home and yard look totally different – but great! 
I have already passed your name on to family and friends."

"Even though I had this bird for only a week, today I realized
just how much she meant for me……The only thought that
I might lose her and she might freeze to death or suffocate
on the leash in front of my own eyes made my heart sink….
I felt so helpless.  Thank God there are still people
like you out there willing to do this!"
(Irina and Dewey of course!)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping
me to complete my Eagle Scout Project at the Western Branch
YMCA by your generous donation of 10 yds worth of wood chips.
Your donation helped to create a stable walking trail which
will benefit the Western Branch YMCA and the
surrounding community."

"Thank you so much for dumping wood chips in my grove.
Thank you again, for your kindness to me."

The National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve recognizes Charles Patrick Poore and American Tree Company, LLC as a PATRIOTIC EMPLOYER, for contributing to National Security and Protecting Liberty and Freedom by Supporting Employee Participation in America’s National Guard and Reserve Force.
(L. Gordon Sumner Jr. Ph.D.)

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